Dear Dare

How are you son?

Let me describe how happy I got at the good news. When I read it, I jumped out of my chair, spilled my coffee on my laps, toppled the desktop monitor and my devices dropped onto the tiles. Yet I did not feel the pain of the hot coffee or notice the hell around me. I hopped around the office like a new clown! Of course, the pain hit me gradually and I, after cleaning up and crying a little, still had to start putting my devices together again. I lost an unsaved document I was working on before I sent the monitor diving, but that is by the way. Meanwhile, hot coffee and laps don’t mix.

You’re now born again son! Wow! That to me is the greatest news since sliced bread (or suya). You need to gist me how it happened really cos your head is so damn thick I can’t quite fathom how anyone could get through. Silly rational you. Thank God He ministers to hearts.

I’m really honoured that you chose to tell me about it and ask for my help. Yes you now have the Holy Spirit. That’s what Brother Paul was saying to those Ephesian guys about receiving the Holy Spirit as an earnest – earnest is like a guarantee, a part of what to expect in the future that you have now. Okay, don’t get confused. Its like you buy a house but you haven’t moved in yet, but you got the keys and papers. You get that right?

And the Holy Spirit is a real bro man! I mean, He’s always there, sticking close you at all times. You remember those passages read, about Jesus Christ leaving the Holy Spirit with us to comfort is and teach us His Word? Yes. It is like having a live-in tutor of God’s Word right inside you!

Oh boy. I am so happy today. I am happy you have come to the light. There’s so much to say but I will only pray now.

I bless the Father for honouring His Word and bringing you to Christ. I never doubted it and even though it wasn’t easy, you being all stubborn and casual about salvation and all that, I’m happy God did it finally. Now I pray the Holy Spirit to teach you all things and cause you to be drawn to the Father more and more everyday. Amen.

Welcome to the family son. We are now brothers! You know you can always tell me anything. Anything. Which reminds me, you didn’t give me any gist about that short girlfriend of yours! Surely something is happening in that area.

Just kidding.

Anyway, always remember that I love you. I will send some money for the new Bible you requested. Only that you didn’t put in your account details. Do that soon okay, while I still have some money.

Your aunty sends her greetings and a kiss! No way I’m going to do that son. Take the greeting. No kiss.

Your Uncle,


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