Uwa Di Egwu

This world is just something else. I know people do not mind their business but I didn’t think it would go beyond gossip on any normal day. But…hmmm. There is a God o

In Nigeria, people become so, how do I put it, concerned?, about other people. And they will take their concern beyond normal expressions of said concern. And the concerned will land the concerned in more wahala.

For instance, these people who count years for ladies and get worried on behalf of said ladies because they are not married. Na wa o. One I heard of went to the extent of using African remote control on a man and directed him to a girl she was concerned and worried for. Turned out that the man already had is how remote that allows him live large on the glory of those he mates with. He would have been sharing her with other women o. But this concerned woman’s juju just focused this man on this poor girl. Now she’s poor indeed, and the man is still loving her. She is miserable and some more. I cannot even finish the story.

Uwa di egwu.

Please if you are involved in the enterprise of mourning more than the bereaved and managing other people’s business without their knowledge and consent, please cease and desist now. In God’s name, stop.


Mind your business if you will not respect people.


4 thoughts on “Uwa Di Egwu

  1. A lot of times we think we know what is best for people and think we can help them–but in actuality we we don’t and we can’t… GOD knows what is best for them, and He is most capable of helping them.

    I think the best thing we can do is pray for people… and maybe humbly offer to be there for them if they need us or want to talk.

    What do you mean by the “African remote control” … Is this refering to voodoo/magic… I have heard that it is a very real and powerful (not in comparison to God’s power though, of course) force in many countries in Africa…



    1. Olúsèyí

      Thank you for your comment. Quite insightful. I apologise for just replying.

      African remote control is exactly what you have described. It is quite powerful and is ignored at one’s peril. But of course, it bows to God’s will power.

      I agree that we ought to be there for people and pray for them, rather than make decisions for them. That to me is an act of faithlessness.

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