I’ve Got A Huge Plank In My Eye…

I believe this post just flew out of my mind into the writer. And its so real.

Joy Of Tomorow...

Recently I’ve noticed I tend to focus on other people flaws as opposed to mine.. I’ve never assumed myself to be perfect.. But I tend to focus on other’s issue.. This all was revealed to me yesterday.. After such a horrid morning, none existent afternoon.. I had NRG which was amazing.. A bit of self-doubt and over thinking people actions towards me at first, but after the preaching it all seems less important..

Left on a high, but made a silly mistake, it one of those mistake where you know you doing something wrong, but you still do it anyway.. I prayed about it a month ago, all seemed fine till yesterday . Felt disappointed in myself, because I could have avoided the mistake.. That’s when the scripture hit me, the one where is says remove the plank from your eyes in order to help remove the speck of dust…

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