Living in a Crooked and Perverse Generation

Saw this post from my mentor’s blog and felt I should share with us.



Look all around you and you will not need anyone to tell you that the contemporary world that we live in has gotten worse and far crooked. Corruption has eaten deep into the fabric of our daily lives; no aspect has been spared. In politics, business, law practice, the judiciary, the academia, civil service, and even in our religious institutions, you can see the devastating effect of moral decadence and the lack of the fear of God. I remember telling some friends that things were bad during my childhood days, but I’m quite shocked at the way they have deteriorated over the years. Things are really awful!

Interestingly, the evil that we see today in our national life and in the world at large did not start recently. The bible makes it clear that these moral evil and spiritual wickedness go way back to…

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