25 or More Facts About Me

If you have ever asked to know me, here’s your answer – a sort of New Year gift. I’m changing my ways this new season; I’m not getting any younger you know. Not very easy for me talking about me but I think I deserve it. Every man might to be allowed a show of self once in a while so here goes, in no particular order:

I think Ikenna will make a great footballer. By the way, Happy Birthday Ikenna!

I’ve never been sure about details of my physique. Is it 5’10” or brown eyes or athletic body or 79kg or elephant ears or whatever. I know for sure that I have beautiful hands; rather appealing fingers.

I think Bimbo Ojenike is a super hero. Either he’s on some very strong drugs or serious grace (latter more likely in others’ views). I consider him my mentor in many areas.

I’m very shy. But only a few know that. I like to consider myself an ambivert however.

I love Igbobi College to a fault. I also consider secondary school to be more fun than the university.

I love teaching. Its probably in my blood. My father was a teacher. My mother is a teacher. My step-mother was a teacher. My big sis is a teacher. Who again o…

There are more pastors in my family than I want to mention. No, that’s not why I am a Christian.

Mike Bickle is a pastor I respect a lot. He’s truthful and humble and always straight to the point. Rev. Kay sums up the complete minister for me. I respect the teachings of the Eternal Glorious Fountain Ministries and consider them to be for the serious equipping of the saints and the edification of the body of Christ.

I can be very proud. God has been a great help to me in that aspect.

Sarcasm is my middle name. Not literally.

I have a friend named Census. Census! That’s what I call a unique name.

I love chocolates. With hazelnut, you’re appealing to the little boy on the inside.

I love to dance, but people don’t get to see me dance. What a shame. Aunty Bulky Shaba has a video of me dancing that I would love to delete from her phone.

I think the guys at Sola Iji & Co are the coolest lawyers. They are swiftly making me reconsider law. Of course every one knows Bimbo will kill me if I don’t go to law school.

My biggest fights have been with women. I avoid women nowadays.

I want to be as efficient as Kemi Oluboba. She is the definition of efficient. Kai! Plus her height ehn…chair. Reminds me of Wura Eyitayo.

I used to be a mommy’s boy. I love my mother very much.

Pursuant to (14), I am single.

I love gadgets. I’m a smartphone freak. I love touchscreen devices. Touch Touch Touch. I despise BB. I like BBM. I dislike WhatsApp. What in Gehenna is 2go? And why do we not get more than 140 characters on Twitter?

My best book is the Bible, King James Version. Its beyond all literature. And the wealth of it is deep and ever satisfying. I can dwell on one verse for years and get more and more revelation. Please, the Word is sweet.

I wish someone would demolish the toll plazas on Lekki-Epe Road and reduce the circles to reasonable sizes.

The HRHs (7 and Obj) are great writers. I’ve given up trying to find out who is better. The HRH label confuses me often.

Tosin Popoola is the kind of friend I want to be to my friends. She’s fantastic.

I think churchgoers are exhibiting ignorance and great fear to say Buhari is the Antichrist who will make Nigeria a Muslim country. C’mon. So what? What can I do then, fight for God? Are Christians not been persecuted under Christian Goodluck? Please, I don’t serve an impotent God. Bring out all the Islamisation or is it Islamatisation? Gehenna. Your Christian life was never meant to be a walk in the park! Sissy!

I used to average eight novels a month. I dont regret it though but I failed regularly in Unilag. 🙂

Let’s leave it at this for now. Thanks.

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