It Is God’s Work, Regardless

I had a truly amazing weekend and it was mostly about The Destiny Trust. I’m just really grateful to God for everything he is teaching me. I cannot have asked for a better training ground. And just as the weekend was about to come to an end, I had a wonderful chat with a Christian brother and mentor, David Alabi. His impact in my life is great and I am greatly encouraged.

So I’m going into the new work week on a high. Although I have a lot of plans and lots of people to meet and lots of non-creative stuff to write and the list goes on and on, I have a certain confidence that this week will be burden-free and that even in the midst of the normally tiring and stressful work, I will be at rest. Wouldn’t you like that sort of confidence too?

To me the difference in having a bad week and a good week is not just about the goals you meet or whatever standard criteria you satisfy at work for a good week. I believe it is how much of God you allowed in your work place; how you’ve let His presence abide with you and your work.

No no no and I write NO; this isn’t about preaching or witnessing in the office. What I mean is how much did you allow God’s presence to cloud your work? Because you know He’s gonna really realign your gaze and make you understand that the work is His.

Your boss may be nasty and quite the complainer. You may have a lot of explaining to do because people just don’t see from your perspective. Let’s not even talk about the traffic you have to face to get to work or the bizarre rates for the fare! Whatever makes your work week less fun, remember that God is with you and He loves you.

Take time off during the day, sit back and think about God and all His goodness. Share with Him all that is on your mind (before you do it on facebook) and just thank Him again for His presence. Believe me, it will put things in perspective and when you feel Him say “this is my work”, you want to do it well, against all odds. Who knows, you might be in a preparation ground for the next level God has planned for you!

Let’s condition our attitude to working with and for God and this week is gonna be great and joyful for us all in His Name. Amen.

Cheers and God bless you! Have a lovely week!


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