Happy Birthday Korede and Happy Not-So-New Year!

So after a very busy and intriguing start to 2015, I finally get back to WordPress. Sort of feels good to be back writing something not remotely related to mock-ups of briefs and grant notes and bla bla. Oh yeah, feels good.

Happy new year guys. But then, the year is not so new anymore. January went so fast like swish! Unbelievably so.

Anyway, I first must really wish my friend a happy birthday. Korede Adeleke adds another year today! I really cannot explain how important this person is to me. I can say for starters that she gave me the jolt that got me out of spiritual stagnation, pride, prejudice and monumental misunderstanding of the mysteries of God and His Word. I have entered true joy in the Holy Spirit because she made herself a tool in my transformation and upgrade, so to speak. She will deny this and say the reverse is the case and extol my virtues and say I helped a lot and something close to me being a constant figure in her story.

Believe me more than you believe her, please.

I ought to write a hearticle about her like the one Obianuju wrote for Ifeoluwa but I decided against that last minute; I’m a good writer (I can praise myself, please) but not as good as Obianuju.

This will suffice. Happy birthday Korede. I love you.

So then, I must confess that last year was not the most glamorous of years for me. I had a long battle with grace and was having great shifts between highs and lows…with more lows than highs, like Screwtape describes to his nephew in C.S. Lewis’ Screwtape Letters (thanks Dayo; the letters are great). I thank God I made the decisions I made, remembering that good and bad will all still work together for my good. But I thank God even more for His patience with me and how He finally got me to let go of the wheels and rest in Him. This year is a year I choose to learn to surrender and give Him the burden. I need Him to lead me in ALL things.

I have cancelled the Seven-Ten series. They are my worst pieces till date and I know why, thank God. 77 stories in honour of a dead father would be good and would make my father proud. But God taught me a great lesson. When we become Christians, we initially go on trying to make God proud by doing what we feel will make Him happy and proud of us. We really want to do things for Him! In reality however, God called us to do things for us. I mean, everything in the walk with Christ betters us and improves us. And our improvement makes God proud! Essentially, a real father is happy when a son does something for him, but he becomes proud of that son when the dude does well for himself.

I got the cue and realised that making my father proud would entail improving myself. And I thank God for teaching me that lesson, because really, I can’t add any value to my father as things stand. He’s dead. I’m alive and I got to do what he would have loved for me to do.

I will write him a short eulogy (he was never really one for long speeches for the dead) and move on. That’s it. The stories may be published later, but not in the near future.

As this year rolls away too, I will like to say thank you to God for 2014. And I especially want to thank everyone who read this blog last year. Your comments, both private and public are well appreciated.

A wonderful 2015 to you all! Happy not-so-new year!!!


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