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I’ve had too much to do in the last two weeks or thereabouts. I’ve also learnt a lot of lessons, probably too much in that period of time. I really do feel like sharing some of these lessons with you all; can’t keep them bottled on the inside. Really, none of these will be new to you.

Be grateful. Be grateful always.

This is no cliché. You hear it all the time, yes. Pastor repeats it all the time from the Bible – we must give thanks in all situations! True. But no be for mouth.

It is probably the toughest thing to do. An assessment of your situation will always (and I say it boldly) leave room for a feeling that one is not exactly where one ought to be. Oh yes. Even the richest man in the world wants to be richer, else he ought to just pack up shop, purchase an island and spend all the money, then die. You look around and see that not all your plans and dreams have become reality. You are not in the league anymore; you have been relegated. You are the one who gets hit by strange and unforeseen circumstances; whose father dies when you were expecting that big-money capital investment that will set you on the right course. You are the one with withheld school results and missing scripts and corporate messenger jobs when your mates are far ahead.

Familiar scenario:

Your friend stops to greet you from his new ride, on your street, as you trudge along with a cylinder of gas to fill for mummy at the bus stop. The cylinder is not even a fwesh one. What’s up? Nothing much. Work? Shrug…you’re erm…still relaxing from school stress. Need a lift? Never mind, its exercise. Zoom! Then you return home and cry on the bed. And you lament about how all the forces are against you and how God has forgotten you and the like. You are tired of life. Suicide?


It is written (and I’m not trying to sound like Jesus here) that ALL THINGS work together for the good of those who believe in Christ. I believe that completely. God did not create you for good times only; he equipped you for adversity too. And in the long run, it is certain that ALL THINGS will make the believer a better believer, literally. Take the positives from the positives and negatives and give glory to God. The situation actually can be worse but it is not. Why cry for lack of a wig when you have plenty of hair?

I have reason to be grateful. Plenty, but I will share this one: within the first month after my father was buried, my mother celebrated her birthday, my eldest brother celebrated his too. So did my elder brother! I realise how easily it could have been four death days. Mehn I’m grateful.

So realistically, I’m not where I want to be. I’m struggling due to many circumstances, some my fault, most others rather unfortunately out of my designs. But the very fact that I am alive gives me hope for tomorrow. Bright hope, not just any hope.

I am grateful.

Don’t resign to fate.

Fate is not real. You are free to disagree with me, but I just feel that letting go of your life in the belief that there’s nothing else you can do about your situation is just a way of allowing the devil lord himself over you.

There is always something you can do about every situation in your life. When I’m faced with bizarre circumstances, I retreat and approach God on the matter. I simply pray for the wisdom to handle the situation. When I move from that point, I fully believe that my decisions will be as God wills them. I have never considered it an option to resign to fate!

Fate is not my boss. Why work for NBC and resign to Guinness? Fate will NEVER direct the course of my life.

God is Lord over my situations. This week, He taught me that there is always wriggle room for God’s children in all of life’s tight spots. The first point of comfort is knowing that when you’re stuck, God is stuck with you. Didn’t He say that He would never leave you nor forsake you? Why then will God remain stuck? He’s ever ready to lead you out. It won’t be immediately man, but the first step is to rearrange your mind to believe that there is ALWAYS a way out with God.

Resign only to God. Don’t grow weary and hand victory to the devil.

People will fail you. But love them nonetheless.

That is difficult for me as much as it is difficult for you. But believe me, in the last two weeks, God has dealt me rather decent blows on what it means to love UNCONDITIONALLY. I really did feel at a time that all I was doing was showing great love. See foolish me! I realise now how tough it must have been for God to have loved us “while we were yet sinners”. Haba!

When someone obeys you constantly and does things that make you proud, you are proud (no pun intended). You are happy and you swear heaven and earth in love with that someone. But when that someone just slides down and sticks a knife in your back, can you turn round grab him by the shoulders, look him in the eye, smile, hug him and say “I love you, someone” and really really really mean it?!

Heaven, yes.

You can. And that’s the lesson. If Jesus can do it, you can too.

Someone did something (or had been doing something) to hurt me. I cried out: “Someone, you did this to me? After all I’ve done for you?”
Then I proceeded to beat someone with all the strength I could muster. Wow! I felt so betrayed. I didn’t even want to see someone again.

I learnt my lesson too. Because God proceeded to highlight all my faults and how easy it would have been to throw me out of His presence. Because He asked me what qualified me for His forgiveness if not my own ability to forgive others. Didn’t the good Lord say “forgive us as we forgive those who trespass against us“?

Food for thought it was for me and as hard as it was, I realised that I was just beginning my lesson in love. Really tough, but I had to find someone, hug him and tell him how much he meant to me. I even went as far as letting someone know he was always assured of my love and kindness, even though that felt like putting my own head in the guillotine. It was worthwhile because after that I felt I was moving in the right direction.

So long as God can still forgive, then you can too.

Sleep well. Sleep is very good. In fact, it is one of the greatest blessings to man.

For it is written, that He will give His beloved sweet sleep. Sweet sleep.

Good night.


2 thoughts on “No Title

  1. Oluwatosin

    To love unconditionally…. However,difficult as humankind but it is what the Lord requires of us all as his children. A demonstration of his love towards us.


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