On Rape – A Letter To The Men

I read this and I was thinking “why can’t all men just think in this manner?”. It would really be good if men can literally gird their loins (and lustful hearts too, if you catch my drift) and stop laying the blame at the feet of the ladies.

They say the ladies dress indecently but really, rape only shows the ill-clad hearts of men.

Seun Odukoya

Dear men,

And by ‘men’ I’m referring to the male species exclusively.

You know, the third-leg-carrying specie, the one for who it is most acceptable for to have hair on his face – the usually beer-guzzling viewing-centre-arguing video-game-thumping…

You get the point.

Yes; man. This one is for us by us. And it gives me the utmost shame to inform you that we have failed.

We. Have. Failed.

I was online several weeks ago – and I saw some hashtag thing all over the place. It didn’t take too long to find out what was behind it. Turns out that a group of people came together to raise funds to give women self-defense classes to protect them from rape.

Okay. Hold up.

For a man born, raised and bred in Africa, I have the understanding that the male is the protector of the female – at least physically. Maybe today…

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