All To The Glory Of God

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I lost my father on Sunday the 21st, at 7:10am. When I received the news at 7:16am, I was devastated beyond my imagination. Mother had kept her end of the bargain. I had told her years before, out of disgust for traditional “your father wants to see you” messages that children receive after the father is dead to draw them home, that she should just call me and tell me straight; no diplomacy or whatever. My thought then was that I would steel myself, and act the man. Hmm.

I cried. I cried abeg. I was shouting “daddy” like it was the Name above all names. The man who spoke to me using my mother’s phone was bewildered, apparently, because he said “why are you crying? You’re a man o”. I stared at the phone for a second and hung up. So a man cannot cry? Mtchew.

I’ve stopped crying however (for now), and I’m now interested in getting my life back on track. And I start with this abandoned blog.

In honour of my late father, I have written essays, stories, articles, poems and all forms of literature. I still write and I will still write. From October 5, therefore, I will commence a weekly publication – Seven-Ten – comprising  seventy seven (77) different works about my father; his life, his death and his legacy (or legacies? I dunno).

Writing has and will continue to be a way of expression that I’ve come to believe is a gift from God to me, one which my father fueled with his great collection of books, the Bible being top of the list and incomparable to any other work, now and ever. Writing will not help me forget my father. Rather, with the help of God, writing will help me cherish the memories I have of my father and all he ever taught me.

In honour of CLASFON-Unilag, a Wednesday series will commence on this blog. Anchored On Christ will chronicle the lives of select people who have served in that fellowship; their strengths and weaknesses and more. It will also contain profound stories of love and compassion as I have witnessed it in that great house of bread. December 8 is kick-off!


Be warned!

It will all be (non) fiction.

It will all be to the glory of God.



5 thoughts on “All To The Glory Of God

  1. I’m really sorry about your loss, accept my condolence. May God give u d fortitude to bear the loss. May your father’s highest height be your stepping stone. I’m sure you’ve taken heart by now, okunrin meta!


  2. May God rest your father’s soul and give you peace and guidance. I can tell by what you’ve written that you are a great person with big heart, I’m sure your father is very proud. God bless you my friend.


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