Riot Act…Or Something Like That

As usual, I mean well in writing posts on this blog. My intentions have never been to cause offense. When I want to cause offense you will read an introduction on the offensive post containing a warning that will go thus: THIS POST IS OFFENSIVE.

I am not perfect, so remember that I write for me and myself. You come third on the list. What I’m trying to say is this; if you’re offended, please know I offended myself first and I’m having a go at myself. Wait in line.

You are very important actually, but not important enough for me to write an offensive post for. If you are that important, another caveat will be contained at the beginning of the post as follows: THIS POST IS ABOUT YOU. IT MAY OFFEND YOU

Now this last one is important. This blog is MINE. I write every post myself and where the post is not original to me, the writer will be acknowledged properly. I don’t plagiarize. Thing is when you read the posts, please and please and please, always remember the blog title. My posts are not your opinion When they are in agreement with yours, I guess you are a great mind. Hit like and (or) add a comment.

However, if they do not follow your line of thinking, I’m certain you have a good mind too. Just drop a comment. And in doing so, do not castigate me or tell me off. Write your opinion and I will acknowledge them. Don’t force your opinion down my throat and do not, please, try to WIN. It isn’t a quarrel. 

in fact, you cannot force your opinion down my throat. I am not your stupid child.

This is the way I see it.


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