22 Ifeoluwa

I cannot but term this divine. Face it, dear writer…you have been touched by an angel.

I think I am not one to keep human friends. I think I have a big problem mentally and emotionally…suffering betrayal too many times from people you call friends and loved ones can do that to you. And the way I am, I forgive easily but I avoid getting hurt again, meaning I barely forget. It keeps ringing in my head. I run, and I run in such a manner that the person I’m running from will move from being sorry, to disgust, and then maybe absolute hatred. Apparently, when I run, I leave all feelings behind. Anyway, its just what i think.

I know that the only feeling (and I know it is beyond feeling) I have been able to sustain for the past three years is my love for Jesus. No other…and I am aware that Jesus has more than an emotional hold on me. I’m the one who hurts Jesus and I try to run from him. But he never lets go of me. I still pray for that kind of attitude. I pray to get beyond all the hurt and pain and allow people in once again. But I must confess I’m not in a rush, because I’m too satisfied with Jesus.

My issues nonetheless, I admire those who have succeeded in such a venture as I have woefully failed in. I believe that friends like that do not operate in a human dimension at all. They experience a paradigm shift and turn human sense right on its head. The love then begins to bother on the absurd and people ask silly questions like “are they gay?”.

I read this piece and I almost concluded, were it not for the “happy birthday” I read, that Ife died during the night! It is that good. I mean, if you’re really young and someone writes this about you, and its not at your burial, then you certainly have a great life ahead. I ought to behave better I guess, ‘cos I’m 22 and no one is close to writing any such thing about me. Father, You need to change my story ASAP.

I admire this Omoge. Its simple. I think it takes great courage to identify yourself and admit your true self to yourself. You have never for a day tried to hide your person and where your person does not meet society’s demands, you have created a new society. I belong in that society now. I had to endure my friends teasing me back in past tense just because a certain girl who didn’t “fit in” was my friend. I didn’t care. I liked it everytime she called me Máfolábòmí a gentle pat on the back not far behind. I still like the fact that she didn’t smile at every joke and she isn’t attracted by the look of things, just the substance of things. And she taught me to question the state of things and never stupidly accept the status quo. With her, being different became fashionable. I just cannot begin to tell how much your little became so much for me. I love you greatly and I think you are a friend to be admired and cherished, even with all your confessed “faults”.

My first conversation with Ife was on a Wednesday night some time ago in 2011. She was genuinely surprised that I was a fellowship executive member and she could not hide her surprise. She made a very very very blunt remark about how “anyone” could be an executive member of my fellowship. Jesus Christ, I didn’t even know I had such a bad reputation. Later on my bed in Jaja, I assessed my life and with the direction I found my self facing, I knew that I was wasting away. In fact, I was really so certain that my fellowship, as liberal as they were, wouldn’t return me as a member let alone an executive one. I made a decision not to be just anyone. I wanted to meet Ife another night and make sure she would see a man living right with God (or at least making the best effort to do so). That one statement from Ife was like a cataclysmic event; I found God (though He was never lost). I don’t know how or why, but I cannot say it wasn’t because you made me realize that much better was expected of me.

Today,I am grateful to God for Ife and her mouth that can never hold back truth. Thank you Ife. It pinched a lot, but you helped me. You’re still gonna help a lot of people in life and I pray that you get more than enough supply of grace to meet the demand.

Happy birthday


I love you Ife. I do. I love you so much I’m going to say how much. In numbered detail.

So, how do I love thee? Let me count the ways:

1. I love you because you dragged me to JESUS. You saw a dying spark, and you puffed and fanned on the spark till it became a flame. It is a roaring flame now.

2. I love you because you are reasonably happy. You know how I dislike constant complaining. And through everything in your life, you’ve stayed reasonably happy. And taught me how to do and be the same too.

3. I love you because you teach me something new every time I see you. It doesn’t have to be a vocal lesson. You’ve taught me attitude lessons, prayer lessons, Bible lessons, every possible type of lesson.

4. I love you because you are one of the very…

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