And this one? Na true yarn. Thus dude didn’t eat shawarma back in the day…just bread, fried and suya…everytin like N200.

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Le Poem

As I put my pen to paper,
In search of a topic, my heart did wander,
Yes! I got it! Eureka!
Wallace, Grommit and Eucharia!
Don’t get it twisted, I’m not a motivational pundit,
My greenhorn attempt at lyricism ‘ll make you vomit,
Left leg on the table, chewing my biro cover,
Right hemisphere in gear, I got the accelerator,
This isn’t an attempt at invention,
Rather, its an attempt at innovation,
Revulsion is a thought,
Revolt is an action,
That’s the new addition!
Since I’ve been chosen to be your Host!
This is how I’d love to start my Post!

Nice poem shey? No? Whatever!

What is Thoughtion?
Noun: It is the fusion of well thought out course of action, strategy & plans and the follow through of same with actual Action.
Simply put, it is ‘Thinking good thoughts and Acting on them!’

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