I’ve missed my friend Sharon. I didn’t call him though…just checked out his blog and saw this. I’m sure now I will call him and hook up with the writer of this wonderful piece.

Sharon's Blog

Hello 🙂 ,

My sincere(est) apologies for my long absence. I had a lot of academic and social work on my hands. It is quite a pity that this blog had to suffer. Well, I’m back now and I guess that’s what matters right? I do hope this year is different (I’m working towards that by the way).

With the apologies out of the way, I believe it’s time to get right down to the main issue of the day.

*Notice how I intentionally omitted to offer New Year greetings? It kinda gets old, so…you’d have to make do with my initial ‘Hello’. You know I still care right? Good!

Today’s post is kinda like a soliloquy. The words below are the heartfelt musings of a woman that is so close to my heart, @omotaraobinyan. You might share the same feelings too so, Enjoy!


It’s another New Year
Another year…

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