How We Can Make A Change pt. 1

They do not make any change. That’s why my last post is empty. I just couldn’t find anything worthy.

They are the ones in power but do nothing; who have no business with ordinary Nigerians till election year. Rather than be on top of crises and concentrate on making life better for us,our tabloids report their corruption and manipulations, political betrayal and selfish gimmicks. In terms of change we can appraise and applaud, they do nothing except make voluminous declarations from their villas and jets while the silly ordinary Nigerians fight each other on their behalf.

They are the ones who write on every platform they can find, lambasting those who are in power but do nothing for being lackadaisical in discharging their duty towards society. They take to twitter and Facebook to discuss salient issues of national concern yet they take no affirmative action. Accordingly, if the people in power do not do anything, then they won’t either. However,they make a meal of those who do nothing. Someone ought to make a meal of them too.

They are the sycophants who say those who lambast those who are in power but do nothing are talkative. Daily, they release words of love and deep affection for those who are in power who do nothing, citing achievements no one can see. I gather they just curry favour from those who have power but do nothing. When they don’t get what they want, they just switch sides to the opposition and keep saying sweet and lovely things, only to a newly beloved.

They do nothing to make a change.

Today in Nigeria, there are more words than solutions, more propaganda than productivity. We are surrounded by selfish people both at the top and bottom of the ladder. There’s Boko Haram up in the North and EBOV has just made an incursion into the South. Yet, we only read on the claims and counter-claims and how they are decamping from one party to another, making uncomplimentary remarks about friends who are now enemies and how they plan to impeach one person or the other and bla bla.

In the thick of it all, our graduates are unemployed and unemployable, 10.5 million potential Boko Haram recruits and social miscreants roam the streets of the country, homeless, hungry and angry, minimum wage is an insult to humanity, doctors are on strike and corruption is at its very best (it can’t be any better really). Please tell me how they have made any change.

It took a while for me to decamp from the talkative party to the doertive association. I mean, I still talk. However, I now believe I have a right to talk and lambast anyone, albeit with good consideration. After seeing the work being done by some young people who just got too tired of waiting, I have decided to quit blaming and waiting for people less responsible than myself who call themselves our leaders, and do something myself. After all, I can actually be the change I want to see. So why not?

The realization that we are not as powerless as we claim to be and that we can actually change our society if we resolve to do so is the very first step to making a change as individuals.

Indeed, I can make change all by myself. You can too.


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