We Are Our Problem

So Ameh Godwin wrote about Fashola’s comments at the Bola Tinubu Colloquium. Godwin’s headline in the Daily Post actually caused controversy among readers. And I say his headline because the body of the article passes an entirely different message to me. While the headline suggests an attack on the person of Jonathan,reading Fashola’s comments actually directed fingers at the right culprits for the rot that is Nigeria today.

My opinion solely, but despite not having any thing against the person of the president, I do think that Mr. President is too clueless to lead a nation of 170 million people. It really is not easy to rule, honestly, but I think when all our leader does is blame other leaders for the problems in the country, without any clue as to how to stop it, then we should speak up. Mr President has never taken responsibility for the care and control of this nation. Rather, he is quite the complainer and he blames everyone but himself for the situation our country is in at this time. Like we all know, he is speaking about policies from church pulpits as 2015 approaches. That is disgusting and judging from Bishop Kagama’s comments, I’m not the only one disgusted.

I have no problems with Mr. President going to church. But church is a place to worship, not a place for mini political rallies and revelation of state policies.

Many read only Godwin’s headline and jumped to conclusions along sentimental lines already. Christian-Muslim, APC-PDP and even South-West-South-South. Anyway, I read Fashola’s comments and I feel that the man laid the blame at the feet of those responsible for ensuring the right person comes into power;you and I. Let Fashola’s comments not be seen as an attack on Mr. President. I actually think the man attacked the Nigerian voting population. Stealing Obahiogbon’s dictum, the man placed culpability where culpability is.

In Nigeria, sentiments along various lines has blinded our reasoning and as such we are not swayed by matters such as competence and qualification. Track records of success and leadership achievements mean nothing to us. As a fact, our leaders have never really had to do much to win our votes. In fact, the annoying aspect of Jonathan’s election is that he was voted into office not only on the premise that the president’s region had never produced a president before but that the president had no shoes growing up! It never works that way in the countries that Nigeria tries to emulate.

Fashola rightly posits that we must be interested in the person who takes the top job in the country. We must not allow sentiments to decide for us. Big deal, he had no shoes. I’m not happy that he had no shoes but is that enough to get him elected? That is the question that Nigerians have failed to answer. We do not even try to ascertain the competence of the man the parties present to us. We just vote for who has the best story of grass to grace or good luck or something like tribe and religion.

It is time Nigerians ensure that the leaders of our nation do not take us for granted. We cannot let the blind lead the one-eyed. A bunch of people cannot be greater than this country. Let those who are interested in their kinsman being the leader regardless of his competence go down to the conference and seek a separate state or better still allow him rule their homes.

Nigeria is not a local government. We must stop running it like one. And Nigerians must wake up from their deep sleep in the mud of segregation and differences and all other nonsense lines we have drawn up to divide this country. Let us never allow just anybody just to rule us. Our nonchalance is what has led this country to this point. We are our problem.

If I cannot get a job at the NIS by saying I had no shoes, then I shouldn’t vote in someone for the job of president simply because he used to be a street kid or something like that.


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