Take My Advice

So I recently decided to write full-time part-time. That means, I will be a full writer on a part-time basis. Okay, I don’t think that makes sense. Just ignore. Anyway, I added a channel on BBM 8 and if you want to keep tabs, you can join the channel via C002D3377. I would love to have you there.

There’s an urge in me to play my little part in ensuring that the Word of salvation goes out and out and all over the earth. At this time, believers, we cannot relax. Do not be deceived into an “unspiritual” rest in the new creation reality. Our salvation is one of the future, of the age to come. All that we have now are but a shadow of things. We must set our hearts upon the things above (not Heaven and streets of gold, please).

The Father is ready to birth sons, sons with spirit-souls. Souls that have attained perfection at the level of the spirituality of the righteousness of Christ.

Ah! The time is ticking. I pray you all to seek the Word from those it has been delivered to; the Word that will save your soul. That is the Word that James and Peter spoke of.

Please link up with International House of Prayer and Pastor Mike Bickle. Draw near to the Eternal Glorious Fountain Ministries and the likes of Rev. Oyegoke and Tayo Fasan. There are many others. You just need to move along and search for that which is able to save your souls.

Seek the Father, brethren. Seek the Son.


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