We The People

When power was in our hands, the thieves came, stood on large podiums and spoke to us. They spoke at every time and in every place, reaching the unreachable in their desperation to take that power from us. Then they stopped speaking with the mouth and gave the voice to their pockets. And for peanuts, we sold our power.

These power-hungry people that want power so much, they make contingency plans to take our power if we ever refuse to give it so that it appears as though we gave it. Such a deceptive crop of people, fools that fool the seemingly wise who are the greater fools.

People who give their power and do not know that they have retained it. We bear the truly powerless up on our shoulders with our true power and we seem to forget that the true power is not up there but down here with us; that we can choose to drop the truly powerless who think they have the power and take away the false power they had because we are the truly powerful.

Our trouble lies with us. We fail to see when our eyes are open. And we fall into the same pit each time we come across it. We enjoy the fall. It is our excitement and all we seem to enjoy. It must be sport to call out for salvation from the bottom of that pit for when we are rescued we choose to fall back in.

Talks of policies and trade agreements; talks that never fill the belly of a man or send his five kids to school. Pictures and videos of blind leaders of the one-eyed squabbling over allowances and more than they need while we eat less than a meal a day and can only dream of the things we can only dream of.

It is all our fault. The moment we sold our power and gave it up on empty words and unfulfilled promises and we give it over and over again to the same empty words and unfulfilled promises, it became our fault.

It is will remain our fault. This time that we have refused to cut down the fruitless tree; to turn with nonchalant “tiredness” from what we can correct by the intensity of our gaze alone; to give up and give over to the same unfulfilled promises and empty words; to chase our own dreams when we know they will remain dreams as long as the status quo remains.

It will be our fault if we fail to cry out; to muster our effort as a people. To take back what belongs to us and heave a sigh that crushes the truly powerless under our feet.

It will be our fault if we do not see that true power lies in us as a people; as a nation united against one enemy: ourselves.


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