I Believe

The life we live as Christians is a life of faith. Many don’t believe it, but it means that life is not controlled by what we can feel…our emotions, will, intellect. That life is not one we can logically explain of follow by intuition. We cannot live as Christians if we expect everything to manifest in physical form. It is a life of faith; a life where you rely on an invisible God for invisible things. A life where we become blind to the dreams of the world to see the reality of the world to come.

Belief gives substance to the unsubstantiated. It gives meaning to the meaningless. It gives a base to the base-less. In Christianity, faith is the name of belief and it holds everything together. Without it, all that we believe is unbelievable and literally doesn’t exist. And it will remain so to us till faith is introduced.

That’s not all. Above all, faith gives God credibility. When we have faith, we believe in God ultimately. We believe in His power to do ALL things. And God rewards faith in our hearts.

That’s why unbelief…oh unbelief. Unbelief is a great evil. When unbelief sets in, it destroys everything. And God detests unbelief. Unbelief is darkness. Unbelief is of the devil. Unbelief simply says that God is not who He is, He has not done what He has done, He is not doing what He is doing and He will not do what He says He will do. Unbelief takes the glory and honour away from God, figuratively.

Unbelief is greater than sin. Or, put in a better sense, it is the great sin. Yes, because it takes unbelief to sin. When we sin, what God sees is unbelief. He has told us that we’re dead to sin, yet we go ahead and sin. It means we simply do not believe in the Word of God. We do not believe that God has set us free from sin. We do not believe that the blood of the Paschal Lamb is grossly incapable of cleansing our sins. And when we do sin, we cringe away from God and he saving grace, doubting the very essence of His death on the cross and His ability to still receive us even in our dirtiest state.

Its all unbelief. Take the Israelis for example; well they are the example anyway. Paul tells us that their departure from the living God is as a result of an evil heart of unbelief. An evil heart of unbelief! Now that’s something. When we do not believe or have faith in God, sin kicks in. Sin takes over and we become “hardened” through its deceit.

Those who become one with Christ in the end are those who believe till the very end.

I am a believer. I believe that I am dead to sin so I don’t sin. If I do sin, I believe that His grace is sufficient for me, so I run back to my Father. I am a believer, that’s why I look forward to a glorious body and eternal life at the very end of it all.

I am a believer.

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