One Way Talk II

So many don’t communicate with me through words. They act. They do things everywhere in my Name. They work hard in church, sweeping before and after proud church-goers and professional dancers in skimpy dresses and fat women who cause pedestrian traffic along the aisles during thanksgiving and offering time. They are the vibrant holiness preachers who take tough stances against “sinners” within and outside the church. They are the ones who serve as keyboardist and drummer at the same time, not forgetting they are the youth fellowship treasurer that never misses a meeting. Don’t forget the jolly singer who is kind to everyone, especially the pastor. She has given off her belongings and all that stuff to the “poor” in the church.

Hmmm. It seems they try to show me that they are committed to me and all that. They send some sort of subliminal message to me through their service. They want to please me. They want me to be happy. Ah…they’re seeking my happiness and pleasure the wrong way.

Just the other day, I told Martha something important. Of course I expect everyone to know, since it was just about two or three days ago; remember a thousand years is like a day to me 🙂

I remember letting her know that its never been about cooking meals for me. In fact, its about nothing worldly. I am a man from the beginning, with everlasting glory and a Name above all names. Do you really think pleasing me is about making amala and ewedu? Do you think all your work in the church is enough to please me? I know why you do it! You want my applause. Well, have it. I applaud you. Keep up the good work.

Remember, while you’re happy with yourself doing all the work for Jesus, someone else is sitting across Me, making me laugh. Her enthusiasm is fantastic and I’m deriving pleasure from it. She’s genuinely interested in me, and I’m willingly depositing all my being into her…little by little. Her heart is enraptured by me. Rather than go off on her own, she wants to know my heart…what I have to say…what I’m thinking. Oh…I’m enamoured by her attention to me; total and unwavering. Oh my darling. She’s different.

I want you to be different too. Come sit at my feet, take my yoke and learn from me. My pleasure is in you, not your work. My delight is in your becoming as I am, carrying on your person and nature the very essence of my Name. Oh, I long just for you to actually notice me and be enraptured by me. Then even your service will not be empty and misguided. Your focus will be realigned. Come to me My love. I love you.

Come into my yoke and I will derive pleasure in you.


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