One Way Talk 1

Na so the guy just sidon for dia dey talk. Im first tell me say im like me well well, sey I dey try for im side. Im con tell me sey if im don vex me befor befor make I no vex o. He even sef tell me sey im go still vex me for sure for sure, later later. Im say im fit still do mago-mago and wayo-wayo tins dem. Even, sef, as im talk o, im fit still no follow my idea sontains, sey im fit still follow corner-corner. Im say make I sha dey forgive am. I taya sef cos e no even look my face see as I dey smile. Im just bombard me with plenty tins wey im want make I do for am…like sey make im wife get belle, plus make im dey lucky collect visa go Canada, an sey make im dey see favour for work make dem double salary foram. Na wa o…cos I just dey look dey expect sey e go even lemme talk. Im stand up, con tell me sey make I remember as im dey represent me well-well for everywhere, dey do my work every Sunday for shorsh, sey make I cos of im “safis to me”, make I bless am well-well o. Hmm. Na so im waka comot, no even ask wetin I wan make im do. I even just wan hug am call am my bro, my nigga, buh e be like say I no matter to am…na only wetin I dey give am im like. Na so o. E no even enjoy me for once sey make I open my mouth follow am talk. Im don learn English na…as I give am brain make im learn…im con just dey blow grammar for hia, no even lemme talk. Chai! And I like am o…plenty tins wey I wan teach am now, eno fit hear make e learn. I dey pray for am sha, maybe one day e go even gree hear me sef, make we just flex together like brothers wey we be…

Yours truly,


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