An Audience of One

Lord you see every part of me
I’m overwhelmed by what I’ve found
It’s time to take this inside…
And all my insecurity
It always gets the best of me, now

You and I will be alright
If there’s nothing more to come
’cause lord I know I sing tonight
For an audience of one

Sanctus Real Audience of One

Reading Our Daily Bread recently, I came across the interesting story about one of Bach’s performances. This particular one had no audience! Apparently, Bach had expected that the Church would be filled up for this performance but upon his arrival, he was informed that not a single soul had turned up. The church was empty except for Bach and his musicians, even though the performance was to debut a new composition. Rather than being disappointed, without hesitation, the composer got his musicians together and they performed as planned. Soon, the empty church was filled with beautiful music.

Men, that story got me thinking, and I felt exactly what Julie Ackerman felt when she was writing the devotional for that day. It is so so easy to become disappointed when we do good works and we receive no commendation or appreciation or even an audience. We feel rejected often times when our services to people or even in the house of God, goes unnoticed. Many have become discouraged because of this lack of an audience.

I myself have left many things undone simply because no one was there to see me do it or acknowledge me. After serving in a fellowship for the five years I spent in University of Lagos, the human in me was expecting an award night with my face plastered on the walls of the chapel and chants of “Maphorbs” rending the airwaves. I have laughed at myself over and over for this thought. :D😃 God have mercy on my soul.

I have come to realize that in this Christian race, the deader you become, the more alive you truly are. We must come to the place where our service and food deeds are not for the sake of popularity and acknowledgment, but for the Lord. David wrote his psalms to the Lord. Handel wrote The Messiah unto the Lord. I believe that’s why their works have endured till today. They are works for an eternal audience, one who lasts forever; Our Lord Jesus.

Hence, in whatever we do, our primary audience must be the Lord. We must do all our works and good deeds and services not as to man but as to the Lord. Our ratification isn’t from man but from God and so, let Him be your audience. From today, let us make effort to please Him and Him alone for He alone can truly reward our labor of love.


4 thoughts on “An Audience of One

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    Once in a while, I read a story so beautifully written, I have to spread it. Anything else would be a disservice.
    With that introduction, please read and enjoy and learn.


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