The Blessing Of Hunger

To be hungry isn’t a good thing, at least by human standards. Many people in the world live in abject poverty and lack the essential needs of life, namely food and shelter. The people who have died of hunger in the world are innumerable.

A person who is hungry can go to extreme lengths to get the satisfaction he desires. When he doesn’t get what he wants, it will kill him and unfortunately, the hunger for temporal things doesn’t necessarily mean we will get the satisfaction we desire. One usually has to just settle for less. I know how many times I had to settle for bread and egg when I actually wanted a shawarma.

However, when we are hungry for God, it is a blessing indeed. I often times consider it a degradation when I sit down and begin to pray so fervently for the base things of this world. I pray to have this and that thing that I desire to live “well”. I want money and good success and I begin to use eternal resources to pursue the temporal. Now, not that the practise is bad, or that we can’t pray to God to help us meet our physical desires. No. But I sometimes find myself lost in the world so much so, I tend to believe that’s all that matters. In the end, I shift my gaze off the things eternal and drink in the savour of the temporal things.

It has taken quite a while for me to realize that everything temporal will pass away. Peter makes that clear in his second epistle. Yet the temporal is so “shiny” (how can it pass away?!) that even my view of the after-life became extremely materialistic; large mansions, white satin lace dresses for everyone, an angelic cathedral with a floating cherubim choir and streets of gold. Silly me. I wonder if I’m going to sell the gold or play the piano for all of eternity. Or where was it ever written in the Bible that the cherubims over the throne and the 24 elders worshipping God decided it was evening and said “let’s go, we’ll continue tomorrow. Let’s go to our golden mansions and have a good night’s rest”? God help my poor materialistic soul.

Indeed I have come to understand that all that I should hunger for are those things that make God who He is. I want to be holy and righteous as He is. I want to have that glory. I want to love like He loves, so much He could kill Himself for my sake. I want to carry within me a soul that is so dead and far removed from sin; a soul that is slain as the Paschal Lamb is. I want to have a soul that is made so perfect in love, I’ll have no fear of the judgment that is coming. I follow Paul as he declares that we put to death the desires of our flesh. Everyone of them must go!

All I want right now is the blessing of hunger. The blessing of hunger and thirst for eternal things-the things of God-will cause me to become as the Father. It is His desire for me. And I believe His Word: if I hunger and thirst for His righteousness, I will be filled with it. I want to have an eternal-life-filled soul.

God bless me with hunger for You, for to be hungry for you is true blessing.


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