Much Ado About Grace

Paul is often referred to as a dynamic grace teacher. With all of his Spirit-inspired writings, Paul has become the model for many teachers and preachers today who usually term themselves as grace preachers. These teachers are wonderful and intelligent, and the manner in which they break down the Word of God many times drive their listeners (and readers) wild with awe.

O well, my disappointment is not that they preach extreme grace for indeed grace is extreme and a very absurd “doctrine” to most. My disappointment is not that they tell people that God loves them, which is true. God loves us to the uttermost and as believers, nothing can separate us from that love. My disappointment is not that they teach about how God can heal us and make us rich and bla bla bla. God can do those things for us and much more. God is mighty and gracious. He doesn’t want us to suffer.

My disappointment is that, purposely or unintentionally, our grace pastors have caused people to “tabernacle” at the point we generally call “new creation reality”. As a result of becoming a new creation, many have been put into a false sense of rest. Unconsciously, most of our grace preachers have made grace become a license to sin. People no longer struggle against sin but easily give themselves up to the desires of the flesh, and perpetually take the grace of God for granted, seemingly.

My greatest disappointment is that people no longer seek the Lord Himself but His hand. In extending His hand to us, many have tarried at the place of the hand and have refused to bulge. They have relied on the grace of God to “establish” themselves upon the earth. In fact, God’s grace has now become a way to get what we want from God without giving anything back.

As a result, many have no relationship with the Father. Many are not sanctified by the Word. Many are not looking toward the salvation to come. Rather than becoming dead to sin and fleshly desires, many have become more alive to their desires, and are far more concerned with how God can grant those desires than God Himself.

These teachings, rather unfortunately have contributed to the greatest movement of the people of God into the wide and broad way, where they can come with just a little of the world and still be saved. What a great deception.

Lord, open the eyes of our understanding. Help us not to take Your grace in vain Father. Help us to know that Your grace is to bring us into fellowship with You. Make that our goal O Lord. Let our greatest desire be to dwell in Your presence and fellowship with You. Help us to know You more and more. Let us fall more and more in love with You.

Beloved, the grace message is not meant to establish us on earth but to empower us to live a holy life. Everything that is on the earth will pass away, so grace sets our heart on things above. Otherwise, it is not serving its purpose to the fullest.

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