I once met a woman who claimed she could cook. Actually, she had thoroughly bored me with all her “mighty” achievements for hours while I was starving. As I sat there listening to her talk about herself and her prowess and all, I just wondered on what key she was playing her trumpet; all the notes were very high. It was way past lunchtime and she was still speaking.

Finally, she decided to give me food, thank God. I requested in modesty, one pack of Indomie-hungry-man. Another thirty minutes followed in which I heard how good she is in the kitchen and how the indomie would be the best ever for me.

I was expectant.

As the plate of indomie landed before, I dug in immediately. Such was my hunger. However, as soon as the first fork-full landed in my mouth, tears came to my eyes. What was this? It seemed like I was eating cooked “maggi” with the indomie as the seasoning. I fought back tears.

I don’t know why people can’t just follow the instructions on the pack and cook with the “follow-come” seasoning alone and let a hungry man eat in peace. Why all this oversabi?



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