Touch My Heart. I Dare You

This is really inspiring for me. I had to read it twice.


Hi people. Uju here, talking about… stuff,


Remember Primary School? (presuming that none of you are still there). In primary school, there was always a wave created by any person who had a good handwriting. Most of us had only just begun to write, thus anyone whose handwriting was great must have inherited it genetically. No other explanation was possible to our little minds.
Anyway, in Primary School, If a person had a great handwriting, we’d all conspire to sit beside the person. After that, we’d usually exchange notebooks so we could have a piece, a sample of such great handwriting in our own notebooks. These days, we’re all too busy fighting for elbow space on the shared tables that notebook exchange does not enter our minds.
For those not aware, this is not MY blog. It belongs to someone else. Now, we all know, presumably, how easy it…

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