Last week I decided to check my Facebook profile. I’m not vain, but I do like my Facebook profile. I decided to go way back in time, to when I started Facebooking, reading my posts and all my uploads. Boy was I devastated.

I would come across some posts that were cool and maybe bordering on the inspirational. However, most of the time, especially the period before April 2011, most of the posts on my timeline were just…jeez. I read comments from many of those post and realized how “cool” I was then, supposedly. The comments I allowed from my friends were even more annoying! So annoying, I actually started deleting many of them.

After deleting for a while, I realized my effort was futile. I had years of posts to delete! That would take me ages. I would need Mark to actually do something from over there if I wanted to clean out my timeline.

This timeline issue made me think of life again. Coming to Jesus changes people. It changed me at least. Most of us come to Jesus straight out of “deep shit” for lack of a better phrase(pardon my language). Jesus cleans us up, but unfortunately, what is done is done. Most times when we try to change the past, its pretty difficult. Just like trying to clear your facebook timeline, it can be time consuming, hectic and you may end up being lost again in the end. I mean, I didn’t even consider what I would do with people who actually read my posts during those times. Would I go round each one of them saying “Hey, I’m a changed man”?

Humans may forgive, but they rarely forget. In short, forgetting is an ability of the Eternal One, who said He would cast our sins into the bottom of the ocean, and blot out our transgression. So rather than try to make your past new, let your present be a new testimony. From now on, you can choose to live in the past or make each day a wonderful one by giving up yourself more and more to the Father. People may read your timeline and judge you. That doesn’t matter. With God, there’s no timeline to read. As soon as you accept Christ, God sees you in the light of His Son.

So do yourself a favour and stop going back in time. Rather, go forward to God. He’s calling you into His arms and He will embrace you as a prodigal returning home.

God loves you.


7 thoughts on “Timeline

  1. Our past, our exploits, and our thoughts, are on FaceBook for all to see. But God already knows them and sent His Son Jesus to be our forever friend. Once we accept His friend request, our names are forever written in The Book of Life!


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