Finding Rest

I was born into a Christian home although now I’m forced to say a “church-going home”. I’ve never really dabbled into any other faith or religion or what-have-you these days. Its been Jesus all the way.

However, I didn’t really make a personal commitment to this faith of Christ till 2011 and since then, I’ve been on a hunt for what really satisfies. I’m a hard man to please, I’ve been told.

I’ve listened to various teachings about Christ and me and how I’m to live, but to find real settlement for my wandering heart was a problem.

I started out as a Methodist, and I love the Methodists. They really desire to please God but most of our Orthodox churches have encumbered themselves with form rather than substance. As it appears, there is much lethargy in the teachings. It appeared to me that they taught that to continue to live under grace, we must still be under the law too and so the true import of grace was missed. So, I tried to save myself everyday, warring with what the Spirit had finished. I began to feel unrest in me so I moved on to find out something more satisfying.

In 2011, I attended a camp meeting that really changed me. I must say, considering my background, I thought they over-flogged the doctrine of grace (I still considered grace as a doctrine back then). I was grateful for that knowledge because I immediately received it. However, it was to have a really bad side-effect on me. Because Romans 8:1 was well touted then, I just sat back and persisted on with so many err…”Things” that did not pertain to Christ and the excuse was always that there is no more condemnation to those in Christ Jesus. For months, the new church I attended didn’t address the issues of persisting in sin while “in Christ”. Rather, we were bombarded with series of teachings on believer’s authority and becoming rich. In short, we were pressed to believe that during this age, the desire of God is to make sure that Christians were in control of the economy and the nations. We were to be the elite, the leaders! Okay.

I thank God, because I began to ponder. Why then would the world be destroyed if Christians were to be in control? I mean, would God destroy things after putting them in the hands of those who were His sons? Or this “no condemnation” stuff…did Christ actually come down, die, rise up for me just so I can keep on living my life the way I wanted it? Those were the thoughts that drove me to seek something better. I knew my life was more than casting out demons and living large “on the promises of God”! It just put so many portions of scripture out of perspective, confusing me daily.

And believe me, I earnestly pray for those who are still in these teachings and have been clustered and clouded. They are aspects of truth, but the danger of false teaching is real and we all must go back to the Word of God, comparing scripture with scripture, and really believe the Holy Spirit to help us. Let all men be liars but only God is true. The journey to truth is not easy, yet it is. We must diligently approach God.


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