When God Teaches You

God decided to do more than make me feel loved. He began to teach me, and I realised the many reasons why everything had to happen


Love Is More Than Enough

All over the Bible, we see how love is described as the loftiest of virtues, and as the most valuable character trait to pursue. And in there I began to understand that love is not what you feel when your hormones are running Need For Speed over a fine young lady.

The Blessedness of The Fall

Brace yourself. This might end up being a long read. And a rambling one at that. ☺ 😂  Rarely will you find anyone who escaped great danger sober. It is an excitement very few people can pass up and desire to give up. Understand me: I am a fan of extreme sports. God forbid that […]

#NoteToSelf: Unhand Her, Boy

Boy,  I’ve written this a hundred times over in my head. Where do I start from?  Yes. Here: UNHAND HER!  It is so sad how quickly you have forgotten who you are, and who your Father is. And you have taken over control of your own body to use it as you please. You’re such […]