Interesting Miracles

Even though we are united we are body parts, each with his function. You need different tools to clean each other properly, just like your body. You would not use a pumice stone on your scalp, or a nail-cutter to clean out your nose.


Ká bí Ọ́ ò sí

The God of Israel, God of all creations, and Father of Lights, is fast becoming the genie of our individual lamps, one who exists to do our bidding, ones we have couched in words called prayer, words that are pretentious efforts to sound like an appeal, humble appeals even, but are truly just proud directives.

Time Machine

We came in early tonight Earlier than previous nights Our brief hug devoid of emotions Setting aside our nightly devotions We parted ways like birds take flight The sadness, like a potion Tears apart the cords that once held us Melting the connect that ignited our motion Making me feel like a confused Ahasuerus Can […]